Small Town

Seven Piece Group performing songs from all era's, R'n'Roll, Country, Classic Rock and more.. (click on the links below for videos and more)

  • It is with great sadness that we have to inform our fans of the loss of our guitarist Todd Lawson on March 30th 2019. His memory will be forever with us and the fans and family that loved him. R.I.P. 

Small Town Gamblers was formed several years ago. Founding members of the band were Ken Sullivan (vocalist) and Ted Andrezejczuk (vocalist) along with Steve Nyren(guitar),Ralph Bushnell (drums) and Todd Lawson(guitarist).  Tony Falco (keyboardist) also joined the group shortly afterwards along with Barry Vroeginday (bassist) 

As with most groups, people have changes in their lives and in doing so, other members of the band needed to be sought.

1st to move to another state was Tony Falco and accepting his position was keyboardist/vocalist, Nick Stargu Sr who had performed with many top CT groups from the 70's, 80's and 90's, Surprise, Oreo, Canyon to name a few. As an added perk, Nick asked his long time singer from their duo 'After All' (Nancy Trecina) if she would like to be the sound engineer and she became a large part of Small Town Gamblers sound.

Last year (2017) long time drummer, Ralph Bushnell announced that he and his lovely wife Lynn decided to find a warmer climate, thus moved the interim they asked a good friend and musician Rit LaPorte another Southington based musician to fill in until they could find a permanent replacement for Ralph and it looks like Rit might be sticking around for awhile :)

Tony Nucifora-(guitarist) stepped up and in to help attempt to

fill in for former guitarist, Todd Lawson, who lost his battle with

cancer..Tony has been a long time friend of the band and made

the transition smoother than expected..having a lot of pressure

getting to learn the songs and the expectations of the fans that

were used to Todd's performances and stage presence. .Tony

remained determined and is a great fit with STG..

So the members of Small Town Gamblers currently, are as follows:

Ken Sullivan,(Lead Singer #1) Ted Andrezejczuk (Lead singer #2)

Steve Nyren( Acoustic Guitar and Electric),Tony Nucifora (Guitarist)

Barry Vroeginday( Bass) Rit LaPorte (Drummer)(Scott Kahn-bass on 

occasion and Nick Stargu Sr (Keyboards-Vocals).

Steve Nyren Guitarist and vocals with Nancy Trecina Sound Engineer

Ralph Bushnell former drummer at Music on the Green-Southington

Ted Andrezejczuk-Lead Vocals

 Ken Sullivan-Lead Vocals-Founder of Small Town Gamblers

Nick Stargu-Keyboardist-Vocals

Former Guitarist-Todd Lawson-R.I.P.

Rit LaPorte-Drummer

Barry Vroeginday-Bassist

R.I.P. Todd Lawson

Tony Nucifora Guitarist

Steve Nyren-    Todd Lawson (R.I.P)

                                 Scott Kahn (fill in bassist)

Nick-Nancy and Rick Wakeman

Ted-Ken Vocalist. Background on left Tod Lawson-(r.i.p) Steve Nyren (guitarist) on right

Southington on the green

Nick Stargu Sr and Ken Sullivan

Nick Stargu Sr. on keys

Ken Sullivan behind on left-behind him Nick Stargu Sr, in front-Ted A and Steve Nyren-Barry on far right

STG on stage Southington Apple Harvest Festival 2014

Tod Lawson-(r.i.p.)

STG Southington Apple Harvest Festival 2014

STG on stage Southington Apple Harvest Festival 2014

Steve Nyren-guitarist

STG on stage Southington Apple Harvest Festival 2014

STG Southington Apple Harvest Festival 2014

Boney from 'Boney's of Winsted with wife Carol and daughter Juliet showing his appreciation of the band.. :)

Ted and Ken-lead vocalists and comedy act 

STG performing at Hawks Landing 2014

Ted A

Steve Nyren-singing his heart out in Wagon Wheel

Nick  Stargu Sr-enjoying a great day performing

Tod Lawson-(r.i.p.)

Ted-Ken and Steve singing those great harmonies..

Ted A and Ken Sullivan